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Get into design systems
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How to get into Design Systems

Design Systems are a great resource of knowledge, not just for designers. Find the best learning sources to get into the topic of Design Systems.

why remote work pays off
new work

Remote work: a life-changing calculation

Time is not always just money. Time is valuable and often we are wasting it with useless things like commuting. Why I am convinced of remote work!

tweaks of typography
ux design

Tweaks of Typography

Typography is not just selecting a font. Read about the most important characteristics of typography that influence the user experience.

UX book to grow your knowledge about UX, product design, self-promotion.
ux design

7 excellent UX books you should read

If you want to grow you knowledge in UX and Product Design, reading is a good way to do so. Here’s a list of UX books that will help you.

blog about the main laws of gestalt for ux design
ux design

5 brilliant Laws of Gestalt

Our perception is deeply influenced by how our brain processes, combines and complements the available visual information. Learn about the 5 main concepts of design.

UX and coding
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Should you learn coding as UX/UI designer? 👩‍💻

Coding or not coding? 👩‍💻 How much coding skills should you have as a UX Designer? I answered this question for myself and wrote down my thoughts and some tips, if you’re still not sure.