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Working as a startup designer

The world is moving fast, and startups move even faster. Get the best tips of an experienced startup designer to survive in the ever changing startup world.

Crazy 8's
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Get absolutely crazy with Crazy 8’s

Sometimes we need new methods to improve our brainstorming sessions. Learn Crazy 8’s as a fun and easy method to come across new ideas!

White Christmas tree with a white star on top and white balls and a grey line.
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The UX of Christmas 🎄

What does Christmas have to do with User Experience? If you are curious and want to know how I interpret the UX of Christmas, then enjoy reading.

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Best 5 UX podcasts you should listen to

Find the best podcasts for product designers to level up your skills and learn the most important topics about UX and UI while listening.

Struggling with confidence in UX Design - Impostor Syndrom
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Struggling with confidence in UX Design

Do you often feel like you don’t believe in your own strengths, struggling with confidence? Some tips how to overcome Impostor Syndrom as a designer.

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Are digital products sustainable? 🌱

Sustainable web design should play a more important role in our lives — as users and as designers. Explore how to design for more sustainability.