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Each of us learns differently and fortunately there are various ways to keep up to date and learn new things today. Some of us like to watch videos, while others like to read, some digitally and some offline. But if for you, the spoken word is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in a topic, podcasts are perfect.

What is a podcast?

Podcasts are audio programs that are usually published at regular intervals by the respective producers or presenters. There are podcasts ranging from a few minutes in length to several hours. The duration depends entirely on the format, but is usually very constant within a program.

In podcasts, either a moderator explains a topic alone for the listeners, or she or he has one or two other fixed moderators in the team. In this case, the episodes take the form of a conversation between the fixed discussion partners. Often, however, guests are also invited to podcasts, which then often represents a kind of interview.

However, almost anyone can become a podcast producer today if they have a somewhat decent microphone, internet access, and a topic they want to talk about. The range of podcasts has exploded in recent years, so it makes perfect sense to read reviews and posts like this one. This will make it easier for you to choose a podcast that actually delivers the quality you’re looking for.

Where can I listen to podcasts?

The most popular platforms for podcasts are definitely

  • Spotify
  • Apple Podcast
  • SoundCloud
  • Audible.

But there are also platforms like Anchor that specialize in podcasts and act as both listener and producer platforms.

Why listen to podcasts?

Podcasts offer many people the opportunity to easily share their knowledge or introduce interesting people, products and ideas.

In product design, there are now several established podcasts that provide valuable content for the community at regular intervals, helping everyone to dive deeper into the topic of design.

Podcasts are mostly free of charge and are therefore increasingly sponsored by advertising. Even though this is not a nice development, it is partially understandable. Nevertheless, podcasts offer a very good way to educate yourself as a product or UX and UI designer, UX writer, researcher, or whatever your role is called, and to absorb new knowledge.

5 best Podcasts for Product Designers

As I mentioned earlier, there are countless UX podcasts out there. Here I share with you my 5 favorite podcasts for product designers that I personally listen to frequently to stay up-to-date.

The UX podcast is one of the oldest when it comes to digital design. Since 2011, James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom have been talking, discussing and interviewing about user experience and have created an incredibly extensive library of podcasts.

Definitely number 1 for me.

Rhythm: 2 times per month

Average length: 30-50 minutes

Special feature: Article reviews (so called link shows)


Ladies that UX is a community of women in UX that organizes various events and has now been producing podcasts for some time. The motto is:

«A community of women in UX who support each other, push the UX boundaries, and promote skill and talent «.

Besides the blog articles, there are also different podcast versions in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Rhythm: Rather irregular, but always worth listening to

Average length: 20-30 minutes

Feature: By UX women for women in UX

This podcast is just awesome. Not only do you get knowledge about UX and UI designers, but there are also episodes about marketing and Saas products. There are already over 240 episodes in which Jane Portman talks to all kinds of experts from the digital industry about various topics.

It’s exciting every time.

Rhythm: Approx. weekly

Average length: 30-50 minutes

Feature: In addition to UX and UI, it is also about marketing and products

ui breakfast podcast

If you are a digital designer and need in-depth knowledge on a specific topic, the Nielsen Norman Group is always a good place to go. The content is available as detailed articles, video content and a monthly podcast with extremely interesting interviews.

Rhythm: Monthly

Average length: 30-45 minutes

Feature: The podcast of probably the best-known expert sites for UX topics

nn ux podcast

Do you deal a lot with copy and UX writing? Then you’re probably familiar with the UX Writing Hub. Writers in Tech is the podcast of the UX Writing Hub and delivers interesting episodes about writing in the field of product design. A must listen for anyone who wants to become or already is a UX writer, content strategist, or content designer.

Rhythm: twice a month

Average length: 25-50 minutes

Feature: When speaking is all about writing!

writers in tech podcast


These were just a few of the many countless podcasts that exist on the topic of product design. I hope that some of them were interesting for you. So go ahead, put on your headphones and enjoy the listening pleasure. I wish you many interesting podcast episodes and new knowledge that you can get from podcasts. 🎧

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