Rebranding & Website Redesign for Qualitas AG

A comprehensive corporate identity makeover on the look and feel with a focus on employer branding.

Goals of the project

Qualitas AG is an IT and genetics company in the livestock farming industry. They are the market leader for breeding value evaluation in Switzerland and offer software solutions as well as mobile apps to support the digitization of Swiss livestock farming.


The new logo for Qualitas AG should represent the following:

  • values of the company
  • Swiss quality
  • modern working style 
  • continuous development 
  • visibility as a market leader


There were defined requirements for the website, which should be achieved:

  • engaging career site
  • focus on employees as a team
  • responsive design
  • consistent color scheme
  • simplification of information architecture

Old logo:

  • No corporate design documents available.
  • Style no longer reflected the way of working and company culture.
  • Unimpressive and difficult to manage for different layouts due to fixed color scheme.

New logo:

    Lettering is strong and provides visibility. Statement: You see, we are good at what we do!

    Modern Sans Serif typeface communicates clear lines and simple structures – also in the working style and corporate culture.

    The Swiss cross symbolizes the national customers, the company’s own values and its reliability.

Website: telling the company story

The website is the place for Qualitas to tell its story. Their genetic know-how and smart development are showcased through the combination of logo design, clear wording and visual language.

  • Responsive Design on all devices
  • Consistent contrast color scheme by CI/CD
  • DNA strand as a symbol for all livestock species

At Qualitas, employees are an essential factor, and this should also be a key focus on the website. One by one, all Qualitas employees will be presented.

  • Careers page to show the way Qualitas is working
  • Introducing the team on a professional and personal level
  • Job openings to find the best talents to grow the team

Project outcomes

  • Since implementation of the new website and the rebranding Qualitas got a lot of positiv feedback from customers, partners and also from applicants.
  • The new look and feel has led to increased awareness as an attractive employer, and many employees contribute to Qualitas› authentic appearance with their personal stories.
  • Applicants appreciate the look behind the scenes through the employee series «Who is» and «Future is», where employees give insights into their day-to-day work.